The Prince | Machiavelli (All Parts)

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Machiavelli's The Prince is explained in this video. We take a deep dive and break down key concepts and themes from the highly influential work, written by Niccolò Machiavelli.

The video is fundamentally about power: how to acquire it and then, how to keep it. It shows how many of the principals documented in The Prince are still relevant today and used in the fields of business, politics and beyond.

Each part of the video explains a key idea from Machiavelli’s original writing and expands on it. In particular, they focus on power dynamics, both social and political. They include historical anecdotes (from his text and elsewhere) and explanations on how the work still applies in a more modern context.

0:00 - A Brief Synopsis of The Prince
3:07 - Part 1 - Be Present
8:16 - Part 2 - Do Not Be Neutral
13:15 - Part 3 - Be Both The Man and The Beast
17:11 - Part 4 - Destroy, Do Not Wound
26:35 - Part 5 - Acquire When You Can
30:12 - Part 6 - Never Bring Others To Power
33:51 - Part 7 - Be Feared

If you prefer reading to watching, a book version of this video is also available: https://gumroad.com/l/master-machiavelli

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