Japan The Way of Zen : Zen Buddhism Documentary

Pierre Brouwers has travelled the length and breadth of Honshu – the largest of the islands forming Japan – to provide an in-depth discovery of the “land of the rising sun”. Cities like Kyoto and Hiroshima are fascinating for their history. Everywhere, traditions are very carefully preserved, especially when it comes to festivals. But these days robots have largely replaced workers on car assembly lines and the younger generations lap up the innovations of the 21st century. The population, one of the world’s most dense, finds its balance in the words wisdom and harmony. Not forgetting the word that is the key to it all, Zen.
KYOTO. Golden Pavilion, temples and palaces. Tea ceremony. The Jidai Matsuri Festival. Kyudo and archers. The station. TAKAYAMA: the autumn festival. Chayano Tuff. Kamikochi Park. Ogimatchi. KANAZAWA: painting on lacquer. The districts of geishas and samurais. The 21st century museum. Chihirama Beach. HIROSHIMA. The A-bomb dome. The Museum for Peace. The sacred island of Miyajima. Shipyards. Car plant. KOYA: temples, monks and cemetery. NAOSHIMA. Shinkansen. Air photography. -

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