How To Find YOUR Life Purpose and Career (Ikigai)

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Do what you love. How can you find a job that you love and has meaning? Is it possible to do what you love and make money? Try the Ikigai exercise as Chris demonstrates to the team and applies it to a student who wants to know what to do after school.

A Japanese concept that means "a reason for being." The word refers to having a meaningful direction or purpose in life, constituting the sense of one's life being made worthwhile, with actions (spontaneous and willing) taken toward achieving one's ikigai resulting in satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life. The concept of this idea comes from a larger and more inclusive philosophy used within the Japanese traditional health system called the Wuxing that was introduced into Japan in the early 6th century from China and embraced by local folk religion and culture. (Wikipedia)

If you enjoyed this video, watch part 2, to generate ideas: https://youtu.be/BAzs3amtEFA

00:00 - Intro
02:00 - What do you love?
03:00 - What are you naturally good at?
04:45 - What would your parents have wanted you to do?
06:45 - Did you ever think about what the world needed?
07:30 - Ikigai - things that you live for, a reason for being
10:30 - What does a profession mean?
13:10 - What is your Ikigai?
14:10 - Ikigai in use on an actual student
24:23 - Recap with Kailee
27:30 - How to find your Ikigai
32:30 - Teaching Jayden how to figure out his loves, what he’s good at, what he’s paid for, and what the world needs
37:00 - What does the world need?
40:00 - The one thing you NEED to do
42:00 - How Chris dug deep and figured out his own Ikigai

Watch: Finding Your Super Power

🙌 Here is Jayden's IKIGAI:
✅ I can help people to spread their message by making content and storytelling
✅ I can also try to teach and create courses that were the result of all what I learned
✅ I can also build my own business in the food industry
✅ Make a Youtube channel to try things and then show people what it feels like to do those things, what lesson did I learn.
🔥 Once you figure out this thing, I would recommend you to pick one and then double down on it, go all-in with it, do it UNTIL you get it. And I am sure it will be an interesting journey for you all.
🔴 And if you want to see a bit of his journey with The Futur, consider watching this video:

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