Al-khaliq lyrics by Yusuf Islam

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(Chorus): La illaha Ill Allah
Muhammad Dur-Rasullullah
Sall-Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam

Al Khaaliq made the oceans
Rivers, lakes, streams and rain
Bow their waves in pure submission
Upon the earth to praise his name


There is no creature among us
Upon the air or in the sea
That does no sing with wonder
Praising in community


The dry earth is a sign
To all of mankind
Brought to life with peaceful rain
And to us Allah will do the same

Seal Of The Prophets

He was a guide for all people
And the mercy to the universe
He was a guide for all people
God's peace and blessings on him

He was a seal of the prophet
The last brick in the house of prophethood
He was the last of the prophets
God's peace and blessings on him

He was a patron of the poor
Always helping widows and orphans
A great patron of the poor
God's peace and blessings on him

He was a striver against evil
And he fought and he won
To give rights all people
God's peace and blessings on him

He was a stranger to this world
For his aim was the hereafter
He kept little for this world
God's peace and blessings on him

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