9 Simple Stretching Exercises for Beginners

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How does your back feel after a long day at the office or school? What about your neck after you’ve been looking down at your phone for hours? We can’t live without our gadgets, but they can wreak havoc on our bodies if we’re not careful. And even if your eyes aren’t constantly glued to a screen, a short stretching routine can still help anyone who’s dealing with neck, shoulder, and back pain!

Stretching makes the body more flexible, improves our emotional state, and reduces pain. It’s recommended to do these exercises every day. By the way, you don’t even have to go to the gym to do them. You’ll just need 10 minutes of free time and a gym mat.

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The Owl Exercise 0:33
Forward Neck Bend 1:33
The Eagle Pose 2:33
The 90/90 Stretch 3:07
Pat on the Back 3:46
Butterfly Wings 4:24
Wall Sits 4:57
Rotation Stretches 5:34
Superman Stretch! 6:08

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- The Owl exercise stretches the muscles that go from your collarbone and breastbone to behind your ears. They can get pretty overworked holding your head up all day, but they usually do a good job as long as you’re always looking straight ahead.
- Forward Neck Bend helps stretch the muscles on the back and sides of your neck as well as your upper back muscles. They tend to get strained from poor posture as well.
- The Eagle pose not only stretches the muscles in your shoulders, neck, and upper back, but it also improves blood circulation in your upper body.
- The 90/90 stretch will really stretch the front part of your deltoids as well as your pecs. Those are the main muscles in your shoulders and chest.
- By doing pat on the back exercise, you stretch not only the large flat back and neck muscles like your traps and lats but also the muscles located under your arms.
- Butterfly wings effectively stretch your chest muscles as well as your entire upper back.
- Wall sits will not only stretch your lower back, it’s also a nice workout for your abs and leg muscles!
- Rotation stretches help relieve lower back pain by strengthening the core and lower back muscles.
- The Superman exercise helps build strong back extensor muscles, which is really important if you want to avoid lower back pain. On top of that, working these muscles helps you build good posture, which will prevent back pain in the future.
- Do a set of these exercises every day, and you’ll feel more flexible and pain-free in no time. But, again, it's crucial that you do all the exercises slowly and smoothly, without any jerks or sharp movements.

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