How To Get 10k Followers On Instagram Per Week

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Why are carousels eating up your Instagram feed? How do you increase your Instagram Followers? What have we learned in growing our Instagram account to a staggering 10k+ follows per week using only organic traffic and no paid or boosted posts? You'll find out how in this video and why you need to pay attention to algorithms and how they control what content is seen.

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00:00 - Start
00:40 - The challenge Chris made for the Pro Group Members
03:13 - How social platforms like Instagram work
06:23 - Why it’s important to have 10 slides in a carousel
10:45 - People that don’t see ROI move onto a different platform
12:11 - Who do you make the content for?
13:43 - Who’re you targeting?
15:30 - What do you need?
14:23 - Why you’d do what you do?
17:02 - Think about your audience and what a day in their life is like?
19:02 - Know when and what to post
23:01 - AIDA method. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Things you have to do in order to get engagement
26:43 - What the first post in your carousel should be
29:17 - Where to put the juiciest information
32:27 - Give your audience a reason to engage with them. (Call to action)
34:20 - RECAP
37:13 - Stay engaged with your audience by using text replacement shortcuts on mobile
42:00 - The best hashtags you should use
45:40 - What if you make something witty instead of carousel
47:06 - Should you focus on building on audience first or selling the product?

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