200,000 DOMINOES - TDT 2014 - The Childhood

200,000 Dominoes - The Childhood - TDT 2014

In 2014 we built up 200,000 dominoes under the theme "The Childhood". After 6 days of setup and 1 year of preperations 198,351 (96,30%) toppled. 24 builders from Austria, Swizerland and Germany set up different projects from the childhood.

We also attempted a world record: The largest stick bomb with 23,000 sticks (current record: 9,911 sticks). Unfortunately the World Record Attempt was not successful (only 8,500 sticks "exploded").

Special thanks to Tobias Demuth (Millionendollarboy) who toppled the first stone and to Alexander Dings (Annodominovideos) who travelled over 700 kilometers to see the falldown.

Mathias Ritter (Austrian Domino Art)
Marcel Pürrer (Austrian Domino Art)
Daniel Engelbrecht
Christian Engelbrecht
Alexander Becker
Albert Wehr (DominoareaSTUDIOS)
Matthias Heinzelmann (MHeDomino)
Samuel Möhler (ludominosa)
Patrick Sinner (Sinners Domino Entertainment)
Lukas Prinz (Dominofan238)
Sascha Wilzewski (Dominofan0803)
Valentin Steiner (BerserkerWien)
Christian Pertl
Lukas Schauer
Kevin Pöhls (Dominofan777)
Lukas Redandt
Roman Sallmutter
Benedikt Becker
Jonathan Hofinger (Jaytar42)
Justin Kühn (Linux5324)
Eva Schmittner
Daniela Schopf
Maximilian Lettmayer
Raphael Brunner

We realize professional domino projects as known from the former TV show "Domino Day". Our YouTube channel contains more than 100 exciting videos for your entertainment. In the last couple of years we have been awarded over 10 official Guinness World Records titles. Make sure to subscribe for further domino action, we'll appreciate it ;)

Official Website ► http://www.austriandominoart.com
Facebook ► http://facebook.com/austriandominoart
Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/austriandominoart
Business inquiries/contact ► mail@austriandominoart.com

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