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Stoicism can provide a massive source of motivation and life direction. The philosophy is one of practicality, and focuses on the question: How can we find a path to happiness (which the stoics called eudaimonia)?

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It was a philosophy for the everyday men and women of the world, not just for educated aristocrats or isolated philosophers in their halls of books, and sages up their mountains.

For the Stoics, their practical path to eudaimonia (happiness) is grounded in a few core principles:

The ability to view ourselves, the world, and it’s people objectively and accept their nature as it is.

The discipline to prevent ourselves from being controlled by the desire for pleasure or the fear of pain and suffering

Making the distinction between what is within our power to influence, and what is not. Using this information we act on what can be acted upon, and we dismiss what can’t.

Stoic philosophy was used by anyone from the soldiers of the ancient world, all the way up to the emperor Marcus Aurelius himself. Growing to become one of the most prominent philosophies of Greece and Rome.

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