Life-saving Reason Pilots Dim Lights at Take-Off and Landing

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Do you wonder why flight attendants always give us the same instructions before take-off and landing? Some of them sound strange and seem to have no logic. Like, why do we need to open window shades or sit in darkness for flights at night? Pilots have their own window to look through, and they can’t even see if it’s dark or not in the passenger cabin. What gives?

Take-off and landing are the most dangerous moments of the whole flight. Airplanes seldom crash in the air; the pilots can easily control the aircraft at a high altitude, or even in a turbulence zone. Most crashes actually occur when the plane is rising above the airport, or is touching back down on the runway. So all the instructions we follow have a good explanation. And that’s for our own security. Let’s see how it works.

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The source of power on board 1:04
Emergency 1:38
Why pirates used to wear an eye patch 😜 4:02
Why does the seat back have to be straight? 4:44
Why you should keep window shades open 5:25
What about cell phones? 6:28

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- The source of power on board the plane is an electric generator, which works at full blast during these 2 crucial moments of the flight.
- The lights are turned off so that nothing interferes with the generator’s work when it’s under the most stress.
- The human eye is built in a special way. When the light around us rapidly changes from very bright to dark, it takes some time for us to get used to it.
- The crew dims the light in the cabin on a nighttime flight so that the passengers’ eyes get used to the outside darkness.
- Your eyes won’t need time to adjust to see the little floor lights that guide you to the exits. That’s why using your gadgets with a bright screen is also not allowed.
- If everyone had gotten used to low light conditions before the accident happened, you'd see about 1,000 times better, compared to if you were suddenly plunged into the darkness.
- Passengers should stay in their seats with seat belts fastened, the back of their seats in a vertical position, and tray tables locked.
- In case of an emergency, this position is also safer for you and the passenger behind you, since the risk of trauma to the head and neck is much lower this way.
- Pilots say that passengers are curious; they're perfect for an extra set of eyes to see if something goes wrong out there. Usually passengers report stuff right away.
- Plastic shades can also cause different injuries: in the case of a crash landing, the plastic can break into sharp pieces, which can cut your face, hands or other body parts.
- The root of this instruction is in the past, when the navigational system wasn’t protected well enough from interference.
- Most researches show that switched on electronic devices don’t influence modern navigation. So, in 2014, this rule was officially called off.
- Some airlines still stick to it, though, mainly out of habit. It’s just a question of time before it’s no longer used anywhere.

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