My favorite old songs but it's lofi remix

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#lofi #chillhop #Oldsong

00:00:00 Leaving on jetplane
00:04:04 You are my sunshine
00:06:34 I have dream
00:10:46 Can't take my eyes off you
00:14:15 My girl
00:16:42 Misty
00:18:52 Fly me to the moon
00:22:00 Blue moon
00:25:12 Can't help falling in love
00:27:19 Everybody night in their nightmares
00:29:46 I wanna hold your hand
00:31:38 I just wanna be the one you love
00:32:23 I love you for sentimental
00:35:21 I fall in love too easily
00:38:23 My way
00:44:45 Imagine
00:47:43 Honesty
00:50:58 Put Your Head On My Shoulder
00:53:42 What a wonderful world
00:55:45 For what it's worth
00:59:11 High
01:01:34 Too Much Heaven
01:07:13 I will

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