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The Art of War by Sun Tzu is an ancient Chinese military text composed of thirteen chapters, that are devoted to the strategic and tactical aspects of warfare. The Art of War explains in detail how we must behave in battle, and, more importantly: how to win. What makes a strong army? In what manner should we approach the enemy on ‘enclosed terrain’? And how should we use spies to garner information, or to spread ‘fake news’?

Aside from specific tips on combat, the Art of War has a profound philosophical side to it. Sun Tzu argues that war shouldn’t be taken lightly, that the highest form of warfare is defeating the enemy without fighting, and that being ‘still’ and ‘inscrutable’ is the business of a general. He emphasizes the use of intelligence over brute force and teaches us how to win battles the smart way.

The beauty of the Art of War is that its wisdom can be applied to our modern lives as well; even in times of peace, when we don’t have to deal with bloodshed, but rather with work, sports, and daily conflicts in general.

This video explores the wisdom of Sun Tzu’s work: The Art of War.

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