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Draymond Green Opens Up About The Warriors Dominance, Recruiting Durant, Battling LeBron & More

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Draymond Green joins JJ Redick and Tommy Alter for one of the most insightful and open episodes of The Old Man & The Three to date. Topics include: Transitioning over to podcasting and TV, thinking The Warriors' window was closed, his importance to Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and The Warriors offense, the difference between young NBA players today vs. when he was young in the league, recruiting Kevin Durant, when he knew The Warriors were a championship level team, dominating The Los Angeles Clippers, what really happened with Kevin Durant in The Hamptons, whether he regrets retaliating against LeBron James in The NBA Finals, advice for Daryl Morey, battling The Houston Rockets, The NBA Top 75 list and so much more.

0:00 Welcome Draymond
2:41 What made Draymond want to do a podcast?
11:06 Drake making fun of his hold podcast
12:00 Draymond's impact on The Warriors' offense
14:59 Teaching the young players how to play The Warriors way
17:20 How Steve Kerr changed The Warriors' offense
19:28 When did The Warriors know they were for real?
21:13 Draymond says The Lob City Clippers were 'front-runners'
24:36 The Clippers / Warriors series during The Donald Sterling stuff
29:50 How The Decision changed how teams manage player contracts
33:20 What if Draymond didn't sign his extension?
34:26 Draymond and JJ on some of the mistakes a lot of young guys are making in the league
36:10 Why Draymond thought The Warriors' window had closed
38:52 Why is it so hard to project good draft picks?
43:31 Real love for basketball
51:49 Dray says the smartest NBA players today are LeBron, Chris Paul, Rondo and Ja Morant
57:32 LeBron's intellegence
1:00:38 Does Draymond regret retaliating against LeBron and getting suspended?
1:08:05 When Klay gets in THAT zone
1:11:48 Did Draymond really text KD from the parking lot?
1:14:01 Calling Bob Myers to tell him to get KD
1:16:21 The Hamptons Five meeting
1:24:18 Draymond on comparing The Warriors team to other great teams
1:27:54 The problem with The NBA's 75 list
1:33:33 Why The Warriors were never scared of The Rockets (and Draymond gives Daryl Morey some advice)
1:38:40 What would Draymond's career had been like if he wasn't a Warriors?

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