Kuji-in, powerful Mudras and stances for emotion regulation - AKBAN Detant system

Yossi Sheriff, the AKBAN Academy headmaster, explains the DETANT system of the AKBAN CORE.

00:00 Introduction to Detant system
01:12 Stabilizing the mind
03:20 Small and powerful influencers
06:28 The body is controlling the brain
07:46 The Detant soft reset
10:29 Movement - the emotional regulator

This is a part of a long course that we have been doing in AKBAN, a course that takes all the mysticism and Kuji Kiri (Mudra, hand position) And puts it in the concrete realm.
Hand positions (Mudra), and body positions (Kamae) come together, and for us these are the most important tools. Why? Because as martial artists we know, that the if the frame of mind, the insight, the reaction, is not bound by a deed, by an action, it will be forgotten in stress.

I will say it again, because it is so important. Everyone has a plan, until he gets punched in the face. But we are martial artists, and we should have a plan after we get punched in the face.

How do we get to this frame of mind?

We bind together, like this, physical moves. We bind together Physical actions and Breath as means of mindful awareness, and cognitive action.

And this binding together is a seal. It "seals" in the order I have, the control
In the face of an anomaly I have this SEAL, this Mudra (hand position) so the Kamae (stance) is a seal.

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