Attention® - Ready to Go

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"Ready to Go" is Epic Hip-hop Music by Attention®
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I never stop murder daydreaming
I'm so loud I slaughtered the ceiling
St Thomas the sight is believing
Adrenaline rush is the feeling

The power, the glory the fortune
Your life is a joke when they mourn you
Success is a savour you serve few
The taste of a tyrant is all-new

Oh, ya
The light at the end of the tunnel approaching euphoria
Apocalypse of the neuronal connection
Say "gloria"
Imperialist in the flesh with a fever
We fall out
Qui desiderat pacem praeparet bellum

All men die not all men truly live
The women around you can see this
The human machine is the realest
Deluded are scriptural preachers

The rock underfoot is a timebomb
The solar above is our sole God
The power to choose is your own one
The literal Job is our end lot

Oh ya
La vie est traîtresse
Elle est diable et déesse
Dis oh, ya
Asphyxie d'haleine
On fait cramer la scène


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Attention® - Ready to Go

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