10 Hours of Nothing

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10 Hours of Nothing
Freshly squeezed nothingness. You're welcome.
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Well, I guess you guys will be wondering why I created this video. It took me at least a full 24 hours to create and post this video on YouTube! But this video is slightly helpful for people who want their computer to sleep without having to go unlock their password once their computer goes to sleep. Other then, this video is very pointless. This video is not HD because I do not have a great computer and it would take at least one week of publishing this video onto YouTube. If you are interested on what program I used to create this video, I used Windows Live Movie Maker. I simply went on paint, created a black blank picture, and dragged it towards Windows Live Movie Maker, and made the timeline 10 hours. Basically easy stuff to do and make.

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10 hours of DVD screensaver

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