Classes, Ranks, and Titles of Feudal Japan [Kamakura and Muromachi Periods]

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A deep dive into the classes of feudal Japan and the internal governing structure of the Kamakura and Ashikaga Shogunates


Sources Used:
-"Samurai Battles" By Michael Sharp
-"Samurai: The Way of the Warrior" by Stephen Turnbull
-"The Samurai Warrior" by Ben Hubbard
-"War in Japan: 1467 - 1615" by Stephen Turnbull


Music from:
"Raise a Prayer" by Masako Otsuka (Owned by Koei Tecmo)

-Classical art, which in most cases can be considered public domain.
-Art from Osprey Publications.
-Other modern artist renditions, if you see your work in this video please contact me so that I can give you proper credit!


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