Old Songs But It's Lofi Remix 2020

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Songs and Artists 🎶
0:00 la vie en rose by louis armstrong but it’s raining - thicc gremlin
3:26 so this is love but it’s raining - thicc gremlin
6:04 fly me to the moon - Joytastic Sarah
9:19 E66S 卵 – beachside
11:57 jinsang – elevated
13:40 rainlord. – throughout
15:55 vietra – ineedyou
17:53 I fall in love too easily - caleb Belkin
20:12 tomppabeats - monday loop
21:17 unforgettable - soho

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Disclaimer: I do not own the music, all credit goes to its respected owners. If they are any issues or any artists that would like to have their music taken down, please feel free to contact me anytime via my email.

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