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This is a sleep version of the second 'Self-Confidence/ Positive Mindset' script (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pohEB0b2V68), but it will obviously help to listen during the day too. It is designed to saturate the consciousness with messages of positivity, success, and confidence. Listen during the day, or with sleep headphones for the first 1-2 hours of sleep. The first hour after waking up in the morning is also a receptive time. The MINIMUM time you'll need to set a habitual mind pattern is 21 days. Fully reprogramming the subconscious will take closer to 6 months of every day consistency, listening to the same thing (1-2 times per day) until it becomes a part of you. After the first few weeks you can taper back to 3 days per week, but stay as consistent as an athlete.

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I recondition my consciousness with triumphant positivity.
I let my thinking mind rest.
I am carefree and focused only on the good right now.
I let myself accept these words.

I am worthy. I am richly valuable.
I value myself.
I am a fundamentally good person and I deserve good things.
I accept all things wonderful and good for myself.

I always create the best.
I create the best for myself, I create the best for others.
I am constantly receiving enormous rewards.

I choose the beautiful life. I choose wealth and happiness.
I choose the highest heights of success.
I choose high energy and heroic vitalism.
I choose total affirmative positivity for my life.

I accept the best life for myself.
That includes my happiness and the happiness of all those I love.
I accept that I am worthy of having a perfect life.
I freely step into that life now.

I see myself how I want to see myself.
I see myself at the top of the mountain.
I see myself on the snowy peaks of triumph.
I hold that image in my mind. I step into that image.
I feel that triumphant success to be me.

I agree that I am supremely excellent.
When I look in the mirror, I see excellence.
I see a winner. I see a heroic demigod.
I see a warrior-like Adonis fresh off Olympia.
I am resplendent, muscular, symmetrical, of noble aspect.
I am bold, handsome, and generous.
All the signs that I am of noble birth are in my form;
all the marks of a superior man.
I don't simply consider myself as superior, I act superior.
I am well-mannered, benevolent, and greathearted.

Excellence is inside me.
My true nature is uttermost excellence.
My inner nature is unimaginable strength and confident power.

I activate that power inside me.
I energize my affirmative inner power.
I give energy to my inherent positive excellence.

I have a champion inside me.
I have a winner inside me. That is my true nature.
I am that champion. I am that winner.
I integrate myself on all levels.
I feed my triumphant nature.

I am born to win. I was put on this planet to win.
I am born for exceptional and great things.

Spiritual fire leads me to victory.
I revel in triumph and lively joy.

I always seek the highest.
I carry in me the heights of excellence.
I activate my excellence with the living word.
The living word multiplies my excellence now.
I open the floodgates of my inner excellence.

Fortune favors me.
I am victorious in all things.
I am a conqueror from above.
I am triumphant in nature.
My will is stronger than fire.

Excellence is in my heart. Greatness is in my heart. Victory is in my heart.
From the depths of my being to the heights, victory pervades me.
Excellence pervades me.

I feed my mind with constant positivity.
I am nourished with supreme positivity.

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