Tek Sunita (Nadia's Reply) Music Video, w/ Lyrics - Princess Anisa

Music Video for "Tek Sunita (Nadia's Reply)" by Princess Anisa. Music by Avinash & Supertones Band. Video by Avinash Singh. 2010 Chutney. Special Thanks to Reshma and Navin.

Intro:: If you know what went on in yuh bruk up Corolla... Mek Sunita leave you and go because I do it bettahhh..

Tek Sunita from Barataria and bring she to Couva (2x)
If you know what went on in yuh bruk up Corolla.
Tek Sunita from Baratari and bring she to Couva (2x)

You say you want to grow old with my Suni
But the gyul tell me you old a'ready
Is no wonder then she catch you wit she nani
Sunita tell me how you does drink rum whole night
And when she start to complain is one fuss and fight
So when you gone, boy, I make she feel real nice
Only a woman knows what it takes
To make another woman's legs start to shake
So in your car, boy, it was a real earthquake.

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