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Spooky Month - Tender Treats

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The kids celebrate halloween like no one! they trick or treat in everysingle house in the town, sadly, this year somenone escaped from prison, Bob Velseb, and he is hungry to feast, for the down is his buffet.

Real ending - https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/862488
Soundtrack - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE3nvXr1D_cf1AXENX3MN8vsnDoz69lGH

Mayor Evermore - Alexander Katnik @Grimmjack69
John - Coffinjockey @CoffinjockeyVA
Patty - Monica Franco @L0LitsMonica
Jack, Kevin, Ross - ElusiveVA @elusiveva6902
Susie - Reina @ReinaBITES
Lila, Carmen(Roy's Mom) - Elsie Lovelock @ElsieLovelock
Actress - Secret Narcissist @SecretNarcissist
Jaune - Lizzie Freeman @LizzieRFreeman
Bob Velseb, Missing Anchor - Corey LeVier @VoicesByCorey
Costume Bob, Ignacio - Brandon Winckler @BWincklerVA
Mr Wonder, Father Gregor - P. M. Seymour @ItsAPMSeymour
Streber (Vampire), Robert - Gabe Velez @Gamerduck
Rick - Zach Fuller @ZachFuller
Roy- Kellen Goff @kellengoff
Richard (Roy's Dad)- Smuggers @SmuggedUp
Skid, Pump & Frank - David Axel

MasterSwordRemix @MasterSwordRemix

--Sound Design
Waves - waveformingsfx@gmail.com

--Story Board
María Delgado @M_D00dles
David Axel

Alakamame @Alakamame.
Ana Guerrero @Everyday_Anny
Bruno Higuera @BrunanosArt
Compadrito @Compadrito0088
Eth Olvera @poisonjabs
Gael Rice @GaelRice
Ami Guillén @lemonteaflower
Karla Sánchez @Kasafraz
Marco Cardenas @marcocardenas2D
Max Grohovaz @maxdei_0092
Mhuyo @mhuyo181
Mr Blaz @mmrblaz
Pretcht @precht_art
RenaToons @RenaToons
Sangury @soysangury
Sben @Sben64
Shunoox @Shunoox
Stephan Scoer @titansteph
Declan Van West @dvanw6
Yuramec @YuramecX3
Daniel St. Clair
Rafael Rodriguez @zombicool
David Axel

Ana Palomino @AnaPijamas
Ao Clover @aoclover6378
BeffenM @beffenm1803
Sofía Spanchez @mausinner
Brian Zavala @Mizu_wolf
Millyna Liu @mools__

--3D Backgrounds
Brian Zavala @Mizu_wolf
Vlurr @Vlurr143
Sadly Youtube stop supporting the "community captions". if you want to contribute with the subtittles please send it to my email [.vtt .srt or sbv], add your name/nickname at the end (credits), I wont accept more subtitles of the same language unless the ones I have are not translated correctly, please check the subtitles on the animation, thank you for understanding

If you want to react to any video, make a youtube poop, remix, put it as a clip in one of your videos or "dub" it for your country is 100% ok for me, just put the credits in the description (links for the original video and channel), is not that hard, some of us want to let people know who is the creator.

and Please, DO NOT REUPLOAD OR MONETIZE A COMPILATION WITH ANY VIDEO, I really don't want to report.

If you have any doubts please let me know before using a video thank you.

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