How to Use Gym Equipment | Beginner's Guide

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Hello, my loves!
Going to the gym can already be hard enough itself, nevertheless learning how to use any of the equipment! Therefore, I've compiled a video of some basic gym equipment most gyms should have.
Know that many machines operate similarly (as you'll see in the video), so even though I'm not covering all the machines in the entire world, you should be able to successfully work most machines using these same methods.
Always be sure to refer back to the instructions on the machine if you need help and never ever be afraid to ask someone for assistance!
Let's go chase those gainzzzzzz, babesssss.

How to Use Lower Body Machines | https://youtu.be/YvFWg-oUlG8
How to Use Upper Body Machines | https://youtu.be/l-PyAPFq8k8
How to Use Gym Equipment Free Weights | https://youtu.be/KUJSm4DznM8
How to Use Gym Equipment Cables | https://youtu.be/22AFyTaVs5g

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