They Found Rare Diamonds on the Bottom of the Ocean

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When it comes to finding diamonds in the ocean, you probably think about sunken treasures that went down with pirate ships and Spanish galleons. Maybe you’d like to find the Flor de la Mar, which sank in 1511 and took with it 200 chests of treasure, including diamonds the size of your fist!

But there are lots of diamonds at the bottom of the sea that didn’t go down with a ship. How did they get there? Well, natural diamonds come from the Earth’s mantle, 100 miles or more beneath our planet’s surface. If you could hop in your car and drive that distance, it’d take you 2 hours at highway speeds! So, if they form so deep, how do any end up here with us on the surface?

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How did they get there? 1:05
Are there volcanos underwater?! 🌋 1:44
How to make a diamond 💎 3:45
Is it possible to get diamonds from the seafloor? 5:51
The most efficient method 7:56

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The Hope Diamond in the National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C., 2014: By Mbalotia - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32204195
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- If the lava spews up from a deep enough layer (like 100 miles down), then diamonds shoot out!
- Volcanos erupt when the tectonic plates beneath them move around. This releases all kinds of hot stuff underneath.
- A subduction zone is a place where huge tectonic plates shift around underwater.
- But how do diamond-hunters find subduction zones all the way at the bottom of the ocean? Good question because it’s not easy, even for scientists!
- You can make a diamond from anything with carbon in it. Just gotta add heat and pressure.
- While nowhere near as pretty as natural diamonds, these human-made, or “industrial” diamonds have plenty of uses.
- From the drills that your dentist uses on your teeth to the saws that cut through trees and metal, all sorts of blades are made with industrial diamonds.
- Diamonds are also great conductors of heat, and they can withstand high temperatures.
- Some facial exfoliators even have ground-up diamonds in them!
- The river’s current carries sediment downstream. And if the river washes through a diamond mine? The sediment will have diamonds!
- People kept finding more, and they still do today!
- But companies like De Beers, a big shot in the diamond industry, have found a more efficient method.
- Vessels have giant vacuums that reach through the water and suck up those sparklers!

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They Found Rare Diamonds on the Bottom of the Ocean

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