Ending Your Inner Civil War (Carl Jung's Psychology)

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Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung observed that whatever we repress in ourselves, keeps influencing our behavior. And because for the greatest part, we aren’t aware of what’s lurking in the dark, we don’t know about the mechanisms running in the background of our psyche.

There are things about us that are easy to accept; especially things we proudly use to fill up our egos with. And these are probably characteristics that our direct environment has classified as desirable.

But if we take a peek behind the masks we wear, we find stuff that we don’t easily flaunt with. We might show these elements sparingly to some people, but in many cases, this part of the ego is off-limits to anyone but ourselves.

However, if we’d delve deeper, we arrive at a psychological structure beyond the limits of our consciousness: the Shadow.

The inner civil war takes place when there’s a conflict between who we think we are, and the characteristics of ourselves that we aren’t aware of, but are nonetheless active behind the curtain, living autonomously and influencing our behavior without our knowledge or consent.

This video explores the inner civil war, and how to your inner civil war, inspired by Carl Jung's psychology.

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00:00 - Intro
01:43 - The Shadow (Breaking Bad & Fight Club)
05:04 - The Shadow's revolt
06:58 - Ending the inner civil war

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