Traditional Kata as a bridge between Karate and Zen

June 2008, Trainingcenter Kenkon organized a seminar named "Ken Zen Ichinyo" which can be translated as "Karate and Zen are One".
A documentary was made with the same name from footage shot at this seminar.
This video is a fragment of that documentary.

In this part Sensei Paolo Spongia, 5th Dan IOGKF Karate Chief instructor of Italy and Sensei Sydney Leijenhorst, 5th Dan IOGKF Chief instructor of the Netherlands explain how 'kata', or 'forms' can be seen as a bridge between the two traditions Zen and Karate. Kata, in short, are formalized solo excersizes in which different techniques are performed in a fixed order.

Furtheron the speech continues explaining how 'fundamental goodness' is an essential part of sincere buddhism.

This excerpt from the documentary 'Ken Zen Ichinyo' is subtitled in Dutch, but the original Enlish soundtrack has been left untouched for international viewers.

More info about Trainingcenter Kenkon Wageningen, visit us at http://www.kenkon.org

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