Barbara Palvin's and Dylan Sprouse Wedding | Hungary 2023

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Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin got married in a Hungarian countryside venue. Model Barbara Sprouse, née Palvin, and actor Dylan Sprouse are married! The couple tied the knot this past Saturday, July 15, in her home country of Hungary on her parents' property, Harlekin Birtok, which doubles as an event venue. The two plan to celebrate with a larger wedding in California in the fall. "[This past weekend] was supposed to be an intimate event," Barbara says. "But we ended up having 115 guests because there are many people we care about, and we wanted them all to be there."

Venue: Harlekin Birtok @harlekinbirtok
Wedding planner: Anita Palvin @anitapalvin
Stylist: Marc Eram @marc_eram
Hair: Owen Gould @owengould
Hair: Balázs Barsi @barsibali
Make-up: Richárd Fazekas @ricsesz
Make-up: Denise Papp @denisebazaar
Wedding dress: Vivienne Westwood @viviennewestwood
Wedding suit: Giorgio Armani @giorgioarmani
Reception dress: custom designed by Lorenzo Serafini at Philosophy @philosophyofficial
Menyecske ruha / “Menyecske” dress: MERO @peter_mero_official
Shoes/Bags : Jimmy Choo @jimmychoo
Jewelry: Tiffany & Co @tiffanyandco
Cosmetics: Armani Beauty @armanibeauty
Hair products: Bumble & Bumble @bumbleandbumble
Creative producer: Bence Bársony, @bencebarsony
Cinematographer: Márk Székelyhidi, @marksventure
Cinematographer: Nikosz Hadzisz, @niko.graphy
Cinematographer: Géza Vadas, @gezava

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