忍者-間者 NINJUTSU (Kuji In #1)

This is a re post video. Original video is removed because of music copyright complaints & warnings.

I have located my old external hard drive with videos from the old ChosonNinja channel and i will be posting them as (BlastFromThePastVideos = BFTPV). I hope you enjoy the thousands of video i have in store for all of you.

Warning: Seek professional guidance of the rituals.

忍者-間者 NINJUTSU (Kuji In #2)

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Japan’s "Last Ninja" Explains The Naruto Run | EVERYDAY BOSSES #9

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kuji-in 九字印 の結び方・手の組み方(臨兵闘者皆陣烈在前)九字切り・九字護身法 Japanese Nine Hand Seals Signs "Kuji kiri"

NINJA MEDITATION . Kuji Kiri . Kuji-In .9 symbolic cuts.

Ninja's breathing method

How To Be a Ninja - EPIC HOW TO

How would you hide if you are a ninja? Indoor & outdoor cases

Triple Your Hand Speed On The Drums - Russ Miller

Authentic Kuji Kiri 九字切り (Final video)

The secret of ninja’s energy control

忍者-間者 NINJUTSU SECRETS you don't want to know.

Do These Three Things Every Day for a Healthy Life | #WorldHealthDay

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