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01. 00:00 Peter Roe - Bushido (feat. Ùyanga Bold)
02. 04:03 Peter Roe - Living by the Sword
03. 07:59 Peter Roe - Ronin (feat. Ùyanga Bold)
04. 12:00 Peter Roe - Farewell to Hero (feat. Ùyanga Bold)
05. 15:09 Marcus Warner - The Way of Honour
06. 19:52 Peter Roe - Warcry
07. 21:52 Antti Martikainen - Xian
08. 30:50 Peter Roe - Sakura (feat. Ùyanga Bold)
09. 34:53 Antti Martikainen - The Forbidden City
10. 38:56 RS Soundtrack - Remembrance of The Fall
11. 42:32 Peter Roe - Honorable Death (feat. Ùyanga Bold)
12. 45:54 Phil Lober - Lara (ft. Chelsey Sanchez)
13. 51:02 Phil Lober - The Honor In Her Efforts
14. 55:26 Phil Lober - Final Light

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Image Artist: Artgerm

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