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Ikigai (The 30 Day Purpose Challenge) is a video intended to help you find more purpose in your life. Based on the Ikigai book How To Ikigai by Tim Tamashiro this video is being offered to help you find your ikigai. How To Ikigai is one of the leading books on happiness and positivity.
The first thing Tim explains is the Ikigai meaning. The Ikigai definition is essentially “your reason for being”. You may think of it as life’s purpose or raison d’etre.
Tim Tamashiro creates videos like this as his way of ikigai coaching. He is here to help guide you on how to find your purpose.
This 30 day challenge focuses on the three steps you can take to understand and take action on your Ikigai. Tim even includes a FREE ikigai worksheet (see link below).
If you’ve been struggling to find more meaning in your day to day life Ikigai is for you! I hope you enjoy this video!

Get your FREE PDF download of the 30 Day Ikigai Challenge here: https://howtoikigai.com/30-day-ikigai-challenge

Learn about Tim's NEW Ikigai course Do More You: https://howtoikigai.com/do-more-you-course

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