Samurai Swords: Evolution and Overview

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An overview and look into the evolution of the iconic swords of the Samurai. This video will dive into into early designs like Tachi to later sword designs like the Katana, while also going over each component of the sword. We will also look to understand why Japanese swords became so world-renowned.


Sources Used:
-"Samurai Swords: A Collector's Guide" by Clive Sinclaire
-"Mastering the Art of the Samurai Sword" by Cary Nemeroff
-"This is Kendo" by J. Sasamori and G. Warner


-"Kugo-Ka" by Akira Ifukube
-"Battotai" Japanese Army March

Video footage (In order):
-"The Secret World of the Japanese Swordsmith"(1997)
-"Iaido - ippon me mae"
-Kendo motion picture from 1897
-"Welt der Wunder: Katana vs Longsword"
-"Kill Bill: Volume 1" (2003)

-Classical art, which in most cases can be considered public domain.
-Art from Osprey Publications.
-Museum Exhibits.
-Other modern artist renditions, if you see your work in this video please contact me so that I can give you proper credit!


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