Epictetus - How To Be A Stoic (Stoicism)

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In this video we will be talking about 12 practical exercises, as per the book How to be a Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci that uses Epictituse’s Enchiridion, which we can use in the modern world while mastering the four stoic virtues.

So here are 10 important insights for being a stoic from Epictetus.
01. Examine your impressions
02. Remind yourself of the impermanence of thing
03. The reverse clause
04. How can I use virtue here and now
05. Pause and take a deep breath
06. Other-ize
07. Speak little and well
08. Choose your company well
09. Respond to insults with humor
10. Don’t speak too much about yourself
11. Speak without judging
12. Reflect on your day

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and hope you find these exercise helpful if you wish to pursue Stoicism.

The Enchiridion is a short read on stoic advice for living. Epictetus’ practical precepts might change your life.

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