Michael Burry LOST A Lot of Money | Burry 13F Filing

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In our latest video, we delve into the misconceptions surrounding Michael Burry's recent exit from his $1.6 billion bet, shedding light on a crucial detail that seems to be eluding many. Contrary to the sensationalized 40% loss narrative, we break down the actual figures, revealing that he likely spent $26.5 million on the options trade. With a focus on Burry's strategy of buying puts and the nuances of this financial maneuver, we navigate through the complexities of the market, emphasizing the fraction of his fund at risk and dispelling the widely circulated misinformation. Additionally, we explore Burry's new bets against prominent companies and his intriguing move into the semiconductor industry, offering insights into the thought process behind these strategic decisions. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of Burry's recent moves and provide a more accurate perspective on his financial position.

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Michael Burry LOST A Lot of Money | Burry 13F Filing

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