Sun Tzu's The Art of War | Overview & Summary

Sun Tzu's The Art of War is a classic piece of military wisdom, still applied today. This overview will cover the highlights of the 13 chapters and will hopefully help you understand!

Sun Tzu's background 00:51
Chapter 1: Laying Plans 01:51
Chapter 2: Waging War 02:54
Chapter 3: Attack by Stratagem 03:53
Chapter 4: Tactical Dispositions 05:30
Chapter 5: Use of Energy 06:11
Chapter 6: Weak Points and Strong 06:49
Chapter 7: Maneuvering 07:41
Chapter 8: Variation of Tactics 09:09
Chapter 9: Army on the March 10:04
Chapter 10: Classification of terrain 10:52
Chapter 11: The Nine Situations 13:30
Chapter 12: Attack by Fire 15:24
Chapter 13: Use of Spies 16:49

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