I Got Abducted By A Billionaire

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I made the 3 school billionaire heartthrobs fight over me

I Have 5 Minutes To Find My Missing Brother

My Kidnapper Is Now My boyfriend!!

I Saved People Lives, What They Did Made Me Cry

I love to prank people

a billionaire teenager made me his assistant

TEXT To Speech Emoji Groupchat Conversations | My Sister Is Dating A Bad Boy

I Got Kidnaped by a 7 years old

A Korean Billionaire Is Obsessed With Me

I am the only girl in town with blue eyes

My mom Woke Up From A Coma After 15 Years To Get Revenge!

I Was in A Millionaire Suitcase And Travelled With Her For Months

My Rich Bf Saw Where I Live

I Was Stuck In My Crush Locker for 1 YEAR

12 Types of Students in a Presentation (Night School Finale)

i was born and raised in prison

My 9th Grade Experience with Being a Billionaire

I Got Stuck With Justin Bieber In The Elevator


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