How to draw and paint the Eiffel Tower with ink and watercolor

This tutorial will show you how to draw and paint the Eiffel Tower in ink and watercolor. First we will draw it in pencil, then use pen to draw over our lines, and finally add color using watercolor. You can simplify the drawing as needed. This is a intermediate tutorial, however, you could simplify the drawing by not adding all the details in the Eiffel Tower and it could be easily done by a beginner. You will learn how to use a paper towel to create clouds in the sky. Use this technique to draw a landmark from your summer travels and create a postcard. This was a requested tutorial, enjoy!

Watercolors (simple 8 color set)
Watercolor paintbrush (#6 or 8 round)
Waterproof Pen (Micron Pigma Pen 05)
Paper Towel
Water in a container
Pencil and eraser
Scratch piece of paper to test your colors

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