Remembering Judith Whelan

Remembering Judith Whelan: A True Fighter for Journalism

Judith Whelan - Deputy Editor, Sydney Morning Herald & Fairfax : Floor Reflection #4

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Judith Whelan: Trailblazing Journalist & Media Exec Passes Away at 63

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Judith Whelan Remembered: A Trailblazer in Australian Journalism

Judith Whelan, remembered as a trailblazer for women

Judith Whelan was one of the most radiant, nimble, generous, brave people in the Australian media

Judith Whelan: A Trailblazing Journalist's Legacy

Learn How To Pronounce Judith Whelan

Q&A - “What is the Price of Safety?” lecture series

Live Stream of the Funeral Service of Judy Whelan

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buddy and Bella dobermans,digging sand at the beach

Bella, after her cruciate ligament ACL operation

Buddy and Bella, the dancing Doberman

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Jane Anderson - “What is the Price of Safety?” lecture series

Bella and Buddy at the beach

Bella's puppies fighting with a sock

Bella and Buddy, Dobermans

Buddy the Doberman at the beach acting a fool


Rev Dr Patrick McInerney - “What is the Price of Safety?” lecture series

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tigger,buddy and Bella

Buddy and Bella Doberman's at the river

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