Agriculture CS Linturi survives impeachment attempt

LIVE!! CS Linturi's Impeachment Motion kick-starts!

'I knew CS Linturi's impeachment was dead on arrival,' MP Junet Mohammed says!

CS Linturi to be the sole defence witness in his case

DCI Kinoti dismisses claims made against him by Senator Mithika Linturi

LIVE: CS Linturi's ouster motion kicks off

LIVE!! CS Linturi's Impeachment Hearing Day 2!!

CS Mithika Linturi takes on MPs supporting calls for his impeachment

LIVE: MPs discuss report on Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi impeachment

LIVE!! CS Linturi's Impeachment Hearing Day 2!!

CS Mithika Linturi survives impeachment

Lawyer John Khaminwa to CS Linturi: You would have done us a great honour by resigning

CS Linturi survives impeachment

Waziri Linturi adai mpenziwe wa zamani amedhamini hoja ya kumtimua

LIVE!! Fireworks in National Assembly as MPs finalize CS Mithika Linturi's impeachment!!

Day one of CS Mithika Linturi's impeachment trial (Part 1)

Speaker Wetangula approves impeachment motion against Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi

"CS Linturi only talked about his love gone sour": MPs discuss impeachment report

LIVE: CS Linturi impeachment trial

Linturi fingers crossed: Agri. CS Mithika Linturi to know his fate on his impeachment

MPs intensify push to have CS Mithika Linturi sacked

CS Linturi should have resigned by now: Opiyo Wandayi | Linturi impeachment bid

CS Linturi: I am ready to defend myself | Linturi impeachment trial

Lawyer Muthomi Thiankulu's opening remarks during impeachment trial of CS Mithika Linturi

Impeaching Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi

'YOU WILL NOT INTIMIDATE ME,' CS Linturi's lawyers cross-examine MP Wamboka at the impeachment trial

CS Linturi in trouble over fake fertilizer scam

7 members voted against CS Linturi’s impeachment, 4 dissented

LIVE!! Fireworks as MPs Debate CS Mithika Linturi's Impeachment Motion!

Mithika Linturi answers skeptics of DP Ruto's source of wealth

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