LIVE: MPs discuss report on Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi impeachment

Day one of CS Mithika Linturi's impeachment trial (Part 1)

| Tonight | Agriculture CS Linturi speaks on the fake fertilizer puzzle | What next?

MP Otiende Amollo: I speak for miraa, coffee and maize farmers. CS Mithika Linturi must go

Speaker Wetangula approves impeachment motion against Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi

MPs intensify push to have CS Mithika Linturi sacked

"Linturi must go...": MPs debate CS Mithika Linturi’s impeachment motion

CS Mithika Linturi survives impeachment

CS Mithika Linturi takes on MPs supporting calls for his impeachment

MPs vote to form a 11 member select committee to investigate the conduct of CS Mithika Linturi

DAY BREAK | CS Mithika Linturi faces the axe

Mithika Linturi: What was run on Africa Uncensored is not anything that I would take seriously

Linturi fingers crossed: Agri. CS Mithika Linturi to know his fate on his impeachment

LIVE!! Fireworks as MPs Debate CS Mithika Linturi's Impeachment Motion!

Impeaching Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi

CS Mithika Linturi says he is innocent during his impeachment trial

CS Mithika Linturi impeachment hearing | FULL VIDEO

MP Daniel Manduku: CS Mithika Linturi is the face of incompetence

LIVE!! Fireworks in National Assembly as MPs finalize CS Mithika Linturi's impeachment!!

Waziri wa Mithika Linturi ahojiwa katika makao makuu ya DCI kuhusiana na sakata ya mbolea ghushi

Fireworks as Speaker Wetang'ula approves impeachment motion against CS Mithika Linturi!

Lawyer Muthomi Thiankulu's opening remarks during impeachment trial of CS Mithika Linturi

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi refutes reports of fake fertilizer

Fireworks as MPs Clash Badly Over CS Mithika Linturi's Impeachment Motion!

Mithika Linturi: I really feel bad for farmers who bought fake fertilisers

Lawyer John Khaminwa's opening remarks during the impeachment trial of CS Mithika Linturi

MP Otiende Amollo Clashes with MP Murungara over CS Mithika Linturi's Impeachment!

Waziri Mithika Linturi aorodheshwa wa mwisho na alama ya E katika utendakazi wake serekalini

LIVE!! CS Linturi's Impeachment Hearing Day 2!!

Bumula MP Jack Wamboka moves impeachment motion against Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi

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