EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson is filmed knitting once again during a parliamentary session #soteu

Ylva Johansson eudebates the New Pact on Asylum and Migration with LIBE MEPs in Brussels

ECSM 2022 - Message by Commissioner, Ylva Johansson

Här stickar Ylva Johansson under Ursula von der Leyens tal

#JHA Council: Press conference opening remarks by Commissioner Ylva JOHANSSON

EU Commissioner knits during President von der Leyen's State of the Union speech

#vdLcommission: Presentation message by Ylva Johansson

Commissioner Ylva Johansson's visit to Ukraine

Youth policy dialogue with Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson

Ylva Johansson is filmed knitting in Strasbourg while Von der Leyen debates AI and machines SOTEU23

The fight against corruption is mission critical for Europe! Ylva Johansson debates corruption!

Ylva Johansson, Commissioner for Home Affairs

One on One with Ylva Johansson from the Berlaymont building in Brussels

Full suspension of Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia! Ylva Johansson EU debates!

Commissaria Ue Ylva Johansson ripresa mentre lavora a maglia durante il discorso della von der Leyen

La Commissaria Ue Ylva Johansson a Lampedusa

Ylva Johansson: Keynote speech at EU Days Lund 2022

Commissioner Ylva Johansson in Denmark for a meeting on migration and asylum

Integration Press conference opening remarks by Ylva Johansson

Launch of the 2020 European Drug Report: speech by Commissioner Ylva Johansson

Migration, Employment and Labour Market Integration Policies! Ylva Johansson explains!

Ylva Johansson: Voluntary returns are always the better option for Migrants

#REAix 2018 - Interview : Ylva Johansson, Ministre du Travail et de l'Intégration, Suède

Commissioner Ylva Johansson EU debates serious and organised crime threat assessment (SOCTA) 2021

"HAX": Ylva Johansson verkar inte förstå Chat Control

Swedish Minister Ylva Johansson's address to EMINENT 2017 participants | #eu_schoolnet20

Ylva Johansson vill öka migrationen till Europa

Jens Ganman förklarar - Därför bombade Ylva Johansson hos EU-kommisionen

Ylva Johansson om kompetensbristen i installationsbranschen

Hearing of Ylva Johansson Commissioner for Home Affairs #EPhearings2019

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