✅ Day 5 - Gutman's 100 Day Challenge | Dr Pal

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Welcome to Day 5 of Gutman's 100-Day Challenge

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Join Dr. Pal as he takes on the 100-Day Challenge for body and mind transformation!
Workouts, nutrition, meditation, and exploration awaits.💯

Join the challenge and share your journey using the hashtag #GUTMAN100daychallenge, and be sure to tag us on Instagram!

Medical comedy (Medcom) shows:
I love doing medical comedy (medcom) stand-up shows. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet you all in person and also to promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Upcoming Medcom Show Details! ❤️
Hurry, Seats Filling Up Rapidly! 💯

📍Toronto - 18th May 2024

For Collabs & Enquiries:
Email: askdocpal@gmail.com


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