MIYAMOTO MUSASHI: A Life in Arms | Part 1 Beginnings*

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"Miyamoto Musashi: A Life in Arms is an impressive work of scholarship, offering insanely detailed recounts of Musashi’s battles and movements, some so richly rendered that you’d swear De Lange was present at the time, taking notes." — San Francisco Book Review

“If anyone is qualified to fill in the missing details of Musashi’s life, it is De lange, who has surely done more research on the subject than any other non-Japanese…He has painted a remarkably vibrant portrait of Musashi, one that reveals all the contradictions of a remarkable life full of triumphs and disappointments, thrilling victories as well as bitter losses…This book is unquestionably a must-read for any student of budō. — Kendō World

"Miyamoto Musashi: A Life in Arms is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in the biography of this most interesting man who has inspired generations of swordsmen and manga fans alike." — Iaido Journal

"This is perhaps one of the most vital and important texts on the life of Miyamoto Musashi. De Lange has searched the original military records of the campaigns Musashi was involved with and other supporting documents to provide the first accurate assessment of Musashi's life in the English language.” — Irish Fighter Magazine

"If you are looking for a good read and a fantastic resource into the period in which Musashi lived then this is a great addition to your Koryu Library” — Kaigan Dojo

Die Welt des Budo darf sich glücklich schätzen einen solch ehrgeizigen und gewissenhaften Untersucher der japanischen Geschichte zu haben, welcher in diesem Buch ein einzigartig und überraschend genaues Bild über Miyamoto Musashi zeichnet. "Für jeden, der wirklich etwas über das Leben MM wissen will, ist dieses Buch Pflichtlektüre.” — Iaido Freiburg

“Een avonturenroman, klaar om te worden verfilmd, al zal dit niet de opzet zijn geweest; het leven van de legendarische meesterzwaardvechter spreekt na bijna vijf eeuwen nog altijd tot de verbeelding.” Sjok

* Portuguese subtitles kindly provided through the offices of Jean Pablo Cardoso de Luna

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