To Wake Up Easier, Clench Your Fists And Say “Yeah"

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It’s morning. The alarm rings. You wake up feeling tired and push the snooze button. Ten minutes later, it rings again. You're feeling worse now and stay in bed a little longer. Then you realize you're late for work, and finally, get up…exhausted. Sounds familiar? Then this video is for you. How to make waking up easier and force yourself to wake up earlier?

Well, if you wake up tired, the first thing you should do is stop hitting the snooze button! Always get up at the first sound of your alarm clock. It'll be much more difficult to get up after the second, third, or fourth ring. Ten minutes of extra sleep won't make you feel any better. In fact, every time your alarm wakes you up, you experience stress, so don't do it again and again – just turn it off and get up straight away. But there are other ways to banish morning fatigue.


Stop hitting the snooze button 00:00
Say “Yeaaaaaaah!” real loud 0:43
Trick your brain a little 1:16
How about a cold shower? 1:52
Drink water with lemon juice 2:11
Make your bed 2:47
Give your head a little massage 3:11
Solve at least one puzzle 3:57
No smartphone 4:18
Stick to the correct sleep cycle 4:41
The best alarm tone 5:05
A great natural alarm clock 5:37
A weird method 6:38
Do something out of the ordinary 7:08

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