Samurai Armor: Evolution and Overview

An overview and look into the evolution of the iconic armor of the Samurai. This video will dive into into early to later armor designs, while also going over each component present in a full suit. We will also look to understand how shields worked in feudal Japan.


Sources Used:
-"Samurai Battles" By Michael Sharp
-"Samurai: The Way of the Warrior" by Stephen Turnbull
-"The Samurai Warrior" by Ben Hubbard
-"War in Japan: 1467 - 1615" by Stephen Turnbull


"Rhapsody for Twenty-String Koto" composed by Minoru Miki and Performed by Reiko Kimura.

-Classical art, which in most cases can be considered public domain.
-Art from Osprey Publications.
-Museum exhibits.
-Other modern artist renditions, if you see your work in this video please contact me so that I can give you proper credit!


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