Ikigai - How To Live A Long And Happy Life

In this video we will be learning about Ikigai and other things people of Okinawa do to live a long and happy life from the book of Ikigai - Japanese secret to a long and happy life by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles.

So here are 10 things we should learn from people of Okinawa to live a long and happy life.
01. Follow your ikigai
02. Take it slow
03. Don’t fill your stomach
04. Surround yourself with good friends
05. Smile
06. Reconnect with nature
07. Give thanks
08. Exercise
09. Live in the moment
10. Never retire

Okinawa is an island, South of mainland Japan, containing some of the world’s longest living humans. On average, men live until 84 and women until 90. There are also a very high concentration of people who are 100 or more. Even the oldest Okinawans are considered healthy and have the emotional, physical and intellectual capacity to live and function independently. Those who study why the inhabitants of this island in the south of Japan live longer than people anywhere else in the world believe that one of the keys - in addition to a healthy diet, a simple life in the outdoors, green tea, and the subtropical climate - is the ikigai that shapes their lives. Ikigai. Iki meaning “to live” and gai meaning “reason” - or as we would say in English, Ikigai means your reason to live.

Book referred -
Ikigai – Japanese secret to a long and happy life by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

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