Christian McCaffrey's INSANELY Detailed Training Regimen!

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We met up with NFL All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey for an inside look at how this 49ers' star prepares for the NFL season. Follow along as coaches Brian Kula and Ben Velazquez put Christian through one of his last workouts before NFL training camp.

Christian not only shares his workout but also reflects on the mental aspects of being successful both on and off the football field. You'll also get a glimpse into his meticulous recovery routine and why it's crucial to his success as an elite-level athlete.

Want to see more from Christian McCaffrey? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2-TDgYYRT8

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00:00-00:30 - Intro
00:31-06:12 - Speed/Endurance Track Work
06:14-06:52 - Movement Efficiency
06:53-08:00 - Workout Intro
08:01-08:32 - Training Mindset
08:33-10:48 - Goblet Squats/Banded Jumps/Breath Work
10:49-12:27 - Why I Love Football
12:28-13:37 - Band Work
13:38-14:25 - Overcoming Obstacles
14:26-14:42 - Workout Wrap-Up
14:43-16:45 - Pool Recovery
16:46-18:02 - Facing Adversity/Hardwork
18:03-20:22 - The Importance of Recovery

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Christian McCaffrey's INSANELY Detailed Training Regimen!

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