10 Stoic Teachings Of Marcus Aurelius We Desperately Need Today (Practical Stoicism)

In this video we will be talking about The 10 Stoic Teachings Of Marcus Aurelius We Should Use In The Modern Times. Marcus Aurelius was deeply influenced by Stoicism and wrote a Manuel which we know as "meditations".

Even though Marcus Aurelius wrote it 2,000 years ago — his insights on Stoicism still carry strong weight today.

Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy founded by Zeno of Citium in Athens in the early 3rd century BC. Even though it is over 2000 years old, more and more people are discovering how Stoicism is not only relevant to modern times, but can be applied in very simple, yet strong ways.
So Here are 10 Practical Teachings of Stoicism We Need -
1. Ignore what others are doing
2. Your Reality is Made by your opinions
3. Do less
4. Death is knocking at your door
5. You are stronger than you think
6. You are rising for the work of humankind
7. Never complain
8. You Can Live Happy Anywhere
9. Help the common good
10. Be grateful of your blessings

I hope that you can also integrate some of these stoic lessons into your life, to give you less suffering, stress, anxiety, and more strength to do your life’s task — to serve the common good. Do Subscribe to us for more such weekly videos.

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