Building Popsicle Mansion Time Lapse

Popsicle sticks: 8,000
Glue sticks: 300

Q:How old are you?
A:14 when I started this, 15 when I finished. 19 now (as of Jan 2016).

Q:How much can I buy this for?
A:Not selling it

Q:Does it have lights?
A:Yes, you can see the wiring when I do the second story floor

Q:What do you use to cut the sticks?
A:"Anvil cutters" google it.

Q:Where do you buy sticks?
A:AC Moore, but you can get them at places like walmart or online

Q:What glue do you use?
A:Hot glue, dries in seconds.

Q:Why put inside walls if you can't see inside?
A: You CAN see inside, that's why I loaded it up with windows, and also, they are structural.

Q:Can I see the plans?
A:Sure, go to my facebook page, "TheMrFinneth" and find them in the photos.

Q:What are you going to have as a job?
A:Hopefully an architect!
Edit: Changed my major to business management - graduating in fall of 2017

Q:Are you going to paint it?
A:No. I like the wood look, and it painting it would make it look cheesy and take away from the fact that it's built with popsicle sticks.

Scale: 1/24
Time: 9 months
Weight: 25 lbs
Material Cost (Including lighting): $250.00

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