Practical Stoicism - (How to practice Stoicism)

I particularly liked this book as a good resource for daily reminders of the Stoic principles. Here's a short description form the author:
For anyone who has found a philosophical home in Stoicism, but still struggles to integrate the ancient lessons into their day-to-day life, this might be the book for you. Practical Stoicism is a collection of short essays to help bridge the gap between the essential teachings of the great stoic philosophers and the things we must do, in the here and now, to achieve the fulfilment they promised.
Dip into any chapter whenever you need a quick reminder of how to move your philosophy out of your head and into your life."

Get it on Audible here: https://geni.us/PracticalStoicism
Copyright note: This is my narration of the book and the first half has been uploaded in here with explicit permission from the author.

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