42 Ridiculous Phone Accessories You'll Want After Seeing

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Since we all have mobile devices, phone accessories also sell well. But some of them are a little… extraordinary. Do you love falling asleep with music in your headphones? Ditch the uncomfortable ear-gear, and just lie down on a soft pillow that plays your favorite tune!

Are you tired of tapping on the touch screen or laptop keys? You can type on your pillow, table, windowsill. There's a device that projects a virtual keyboard on any surface! Do you like simple things? The case made entirely of cardboard is all you need! And you can recycle it!

The Phone Brush 0:20
The Neck Brace 0:41
Fun Outfits 1:16
The Baby Case 1:38
Glove Phone 2:08
Robot Cleaner 2:39
Ear Phone 3:09
Pet-Friendly Case 3:35
Duck Face 4:16
For Fans of Fans 4:42
Pillow Speaker 5:14
Calculator Case 5:43
Finger Covers 6:07
Holster Case 6:28
The Thief-Deflector 6:56
Plush Phone 7:20
Selfie Stick – Version 2.0 7:44
Mini Mobile Garden 8:11
Screen Wipers 8:41
Hand-held Anemometer 9:01
Mobile Printer 9:35

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