10 of the Most Stoic Moments In History | Ryan Holiday | Stoicism

Stoicism has never been a philosophy for school. It's been a philosophy for life. Courage. Self-discipline. Justice. Wisdom. It's been about putting these ideas into action. Throw away your books, Marcus Aurelius said. “Don’t talk about what a good man is like. Be one.”

In this video, Ryan Holiday talks about 10 of the most Stoic moments in history and the people involved.

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Stoicism is a practical philosophy. The main thinkers that the Daily Stoic focuses on in stoicism are Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, and Seneca. The Daily Stoic is a guide to how to practice Stoicism in your daily life, the daily routines of Stoicism, and is a practical guide to Stoicism. This channel is Stoicism 101, it will tell you what Stoicism is and how to be a Stoic. Ryan Holiday has been practicing stoicism and writing about stoicism for more than a decade and his insights will give you guidance to practicing stoicism in your day to day life.


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Ryan Holiday has influenced the modern stoicism movement greatly. His books are read by modern stoicism's practitioners like Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, and others.

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